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Above all else, I believe we need to make better long-term decisions.

We need leaders who have the strength to lead on tough issues and bring the community together in planning for our future. Please get in touch with me to share your ideas, and learn more about mine.

Here are some of the areas that I would work to improve at the county:

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Sustainability and Conservation

  • Support a Washoe County lands bill to develop a local vision of conserving our natural resources and creating smart growth opportunities

  • Implement regional sustainability policies 

  • Fight climate change on a local level by adopting a Washoe County sustainability action plan. 

  • Incentivize low-water landscaping, and build systems to make use of recycled water

  • Support bike lanes for cyclists, and safer pedestrian infrastructure 

  • Support the conversion to electric vehicles for Washoe County government vehicles to reduce emissions & dependency on fossil fuels, and save taxpayer dollars 

  • Support green building standards for development 

  • Prioritize infill and affordable housing developments 

View from the hill of the West side of R

Regional Leadership

  • Move the county government to step up and be a regional leader in the community on solving our most pressing issues: smart growth and social services

  • Support of our community’s most vulnerable populations - the elderly, youth and the homeless 

  • Look for all opportunities to support and assist our public schools

  • Collaborate with the regional governing bodies to solve chronic and veterans’ homelessness 

  • Support the Regional Planning Governing Board on affordable housing initiatives 

  • Assist the Regional Transportation Board with prioritizing a more connected community - safer roads, sidewalks, and more bus connectivity

  • Invest in existing roads & bridges, expanding public transportation, and upgrading utilities (like water, sewage, recycling, and trash removal).

  • Improve emergency preparedness and response

  • Support school construction, repairs and maintenance. Prioritize schools in older neighborhoods to be rehabilitated through the School Oversight Committee.

  • Support state level initiatives to protect our students, teachers, families, and the sustainability of our communities. Ensure that opportunities such as AB46 - a legislative option to rehab our schools brought to the County Commission in 2013 but ignored - won’t be missed.

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Short Term Rentals

Alexis h

Government Accountability 

  • Promote a culture in which government employees prioritize customer service and transparency

  • Create pro-active community engagement, especially with the many boards and commissions where big decisions are made, like RTC

  • Improve recruitment and hiring practices so that the Washoe County workforce better reflects local community demographics, and Washoe County (and all vendors) are providing equal pay and non-discriminatory working conditions

  • Washoe County should be a welcoming and accepting place for everyone. I will work to ensure that people from all backgrounds have representation in our government, a voice in decision-making processes, and access to resources. All citizens - including the LGBTQ+ community, Black, Indigenous, and other People of Color, those with disabilities, and other marginalized groups - have the right to participate in, profit from, and enjoy the vibrant, beautiful, and diverse county we call home.

  • Ensure free and fair elections

  • Create transparency & consistency for health code inspections

  • Provide better training & preparedness for our first responders

  • Support mental health care to reduce recidivism rates and protect our most vulnerable neighbors 

  • Support community-building, such as: youth, senior, & neighborhood services; mental illness and drug addiction support; homelessness services; and other public health support to ensure that our community thrives.

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